Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 1

Chapter 1

The Broken Caravan

In Wintercrest at Adventurers Guild
Zara (Katie) – Kalashtar, Bard
Wyaming (Matteo) – Half Elf, Monk
Ancka (Jenny) – Half Orc, Seeker
Dredgden (Matt) – Goliath, Fighter
Navah (Nance)- Deva, Shaman
Lorna (Angela) – Half Elf, Warlock
Formed together because Erasmus has commissioned us to work together on the same quest.

Last month there have been an increase of attacks on roads and increase in Dwarves migrating from the east (Hammerfall). players are to investigate shipment of textiles that didn’t make it.

Find wreckage – turned over wagon, entire side missing, splinters everywhere, axel torn off, smell of a horse carcass. (looks like made by a hill giant and a handful of ogres also lots of human tracks), hear something in trees (battle with goblins picking over corpses), discover injured person who appears very ill, (skills challenge to chase down if they figure out he is bad guy) taken back to castle, they apprehend him, he is an escaped criminal who was wanted for sharing secrets about the state, being led to dungeon but explodes before gets there because he is carrying a bomb inside of him

50 gold each


blackshard blackshard

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