Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 13

Under the Wintercrest Tower

Summary 1
In the evening at the guild, a thin balding man brings Yelena’s belongings to the party. Next morning, Ancka has left town to see to her family. Party learns that giants had the assistance of a white dragon. Erasmus recommends the party goes to investigate the tunnel into the tower under the factory. No coincidence this all started with the giants.

Dwarf lets party through the hole in the floor of the Element Refinery. The tunnel through the foundations of the tower is being repaired, along with the backed up sewers. A Halfling allows the party into the chamber beyond, letting slip that someone else went in first. Party passes mushroom creatures carefully, battles spiders.

Blade spider, 2 spider swarms

Summary 2
Party approaches young woman who is hiding behind The Obelisk. She explains she was sent here to investigate by Fiora, needs to get Fragment down from Obelisk. She begins ritual with the party’s okay, suddenly gargoyles attack.


blackshard blackshard

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