Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 14

The Secretive Professor

2 Ironstone Gargoyles, 2 Hornstone Gargoyles

Following the battle, Astanya completes a ritual which creates a small disc of force. She requires help to use disc to levitate fragment into large-capacity bag of holding, party notices it has markings that match Navah‘s – she gets feeling of deja vu from it. Party travels back to Adventurer’s Guild.

Garyn back at the guild described the fragment as possessing extraordinary Primordial elemental energies, and a Feywild influenced focus. Could be a weapon. He recommends speaking with Nikus Garromott at the Arcane College.

Nikus has never seen anything like the fragment, but says it has very strong elemental magic. Party asks about inscription on Obelisk. Nikus tells party about The Primordials, says Apostos mentioned in the inscription was a God, not a Titan Lord like believed by most, fragment was part of his “key”, could be related to Gate of Stone. The defeat of Apostos was the turning point of the Dawn War, when the Gods gained the upper hand. “Four combined” in inscription could be four total gates – one for each element.

Party sends a raven with a message to Fiora. She agrees to meet party next morning in secrecy. She tells party she knew something was under the city because the stars told her. She is an Astroexeger, and member of a secret organization – they seek to understand the minds of the Gods and predict Fate. They want to prevent giants from getting ahold of the Fragments. She has the rubbing of a ring taken off a Frost Giant general, part of which resembles a section of the fragment. There are 9 Fragments in total.

Fiora commissioned the collection of the Fragment that was in the caravan the party found destroyed in their first adventure. She intended it to be smuggled into town, not stolen. She is paranoid and afraid someone in her organization knew about the Fragment and informed the giants. Party learns Valen’s father Arcturus is in the same organization.


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