Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 15

Travelling Among the Clouds

Summary 1
Fiora takes the party back to her office in the Arcane College – it looks like a hoarder’s room. Maps, papers, crystals, strange intricate devices, and a complicated telescope with interchangeable lenses are among the items there. Gives items to party members to help them track down a Fragment in Drakkenhyde Basin:

Wyaming gets Lamp of Perceiving.
Faemeril gets Enshrouding Candle.
Dredgden gets Boots of Free Movement.
Silwen gets Philosopher’s Crown.
Navah gets Map of Unseen Lands.
Lorna gets Dark Skull.
Adrik gets Dust of Arcane Insight.

She tells the party to meet with Mikhail at the Swine and Stag to make airship travel arrangements. Mikhail says in three days in the early morning they can catch an airship ride to Ironridge – takes about 6 days to travel. The party can walk from there – about 3 more days walking. Their fare is free as long as they do guard duty aboard the ship.

Night before leaving, party members have dreams again:

  • Dredgden dreams about running and playing with Goliath friend as a child again, is scolded by chief for almost running up a path that has a carved dragon statue.
  • Navah stands at the edge of a pond with a waterfall, watching a blue ghostly deer. She follows it through waterfall into a small circular clearing with waterfalls all around her.
  • Silwen dreams of giant tower again floating in a purple sky, with two figures (one dark, one light) circling it. They tell her to come to the tower, but seek out the “ancient man” first, or she will never leave.
  • Adrik dreams that he is in an enormous clock tower, with knights marching around the inside of the tower in lockstep. Cannot see out clock face to tell where he is.
  • Faemeril dreams of a huge dark cavern, with rhythmic rumblings, and a huge foot steps in front of her as she realizes that it is an underground cave with giants.
  • Lorna dreams of sneaking up from below deck on her father’s ship, hears father arguing with other man in his chamber. Lorna sneaks a peek and sees a large bracelet-sized silver ring hanging from a dagger in the wall.
  • Wyaming walks outside his home temple to see an island floating in the sky. His master grabs his wrist and pulls him away.

Cold early morning takeoff from Wintercrest’s Central Tower. On morning of third day of travel, in the middle of a storm, the ship is attacked by a young Blue Dragon!

Young Blue Dragon. Party uses cannons to blast dragon away from ship – it eventually gives up and flies away.

Summary 2
Next few days are uneventful. As party descends over Ironridge, they notice the shape of the Celestium being excavated north of town resembles a gigantic hand.


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