Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 16

To Dredgden’s Homeland

Summary 1

Extended rest in Ironridge. Windy, and a layer of snow. Friendly man at inn named Roderick says town only rebuilt in last 4-5 years; was peat iron mining town prior, hence the name. Now mines Celestium.

Party travels east, passes woods and large bonfire. Wyaming investigates fire, sees 4-5 Hill Giants. Seems odd for Giants to be this far south without a reason. Continue toward mountains, ground is soft and muddy. Dredgden explains creatures live in sink holes here. Silwen navigates party to end of bog. Late night, toward bog, party hears gurgling.


Otyugh, several Troglodytes.

Summary 2

Party continues up mountain next day as skill challenge. Archers are posted at entryway on inside of valley. They tell Dredgden he is dead and no longer welcome, rest of party is hiding. They tell him only the Undertaker will speak to him, will lead Dredgden there with 6 armed guards. Rest of party hides under candle and follows at safe distance. Native people there refuse to look at Dredgden. He is led to a tunnel into ground to see the Undertaker.

Undertaker tells Dredgden, “I can see you”. He is completely blind. He also tells Dredgden where the carved dragon statue is, and what he seeks is beyond that. Party travels that direction.

Carved statue is of a Brass Dragon, and it bears some slight resemblance to Dredgden and his clan. Beyond the statue, a long trail snakes up and into the trees, rising steadily. It ends in a wide cave in the side of the mountain. Party builds a large magic chest before going in, which they will use to hold the Fragment.

In the cave, they meet Shonauwenkilau, the spirit of this land, and the last of the brass dragons, who was mortally wounded in the act of slaying the ancient Red Dragon T’kuarkhanhuarak that laid had claim to this entire region. He tells them how the tribe of that Goliaths moved to this land gradually took on the appearance of the dragons as result of the war with Lady TK.

Beyond the dragon is a declining tunnel that appears to end in an enormous hole. The faint smell of sulfur and ash drifts upward from it.

Shou flies the party down to the caverns below, where they immediately use their Enshrouding Candle to stay invisible. After some twisting volcanic passages, the party comes to an enormous dragon skeleton. Near the head, is a platform of molten stone supporting another Fragment, and in front of the Fire Fragment is a robed figure.

The figure turns and the party sees he has a scar over his left eye, and in its place is a silver orb. He looks directly at the party, saying “your candle may shield you from sight and hearing, but you cannot hide from me… your minds!”


blackshard blackshard

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