Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 17

The Fire Fragment

Summary 1

The Silver-Eyed Stranger stands before the party and seems to probe their minds. So YOU are the ones who killed Rufian? he asks.

He explains that Rufian was an infiltrator, and he is a seer. He taps his silver eye. He also explains that he knew that someone would be here, but Fate was unclear as to who. He suggests that Fate is something that cannot be challenged directly, but there are places where it has no influence.

The party figures out that he is a projection from very far away – he is not really here. He tries to scan their minds for the location of the Life Fragment, but fails. He says he cannot prevent them from taking the Fire Fragment, but warns them that “Lady TK” was very possessive, then vanishes.

Party uses ritual to inquire bones of TK consequences of taking Fragment. They must battle.


Eight flame skulls rise from the magma below, and TK’s skeleton begins to rise and attack the party. Party manages to destroy pillars of energy bringing TK to life, buying them time.

Summary 2

Party grabs a handful of items from TK’s treasure (buried in layers of volcanic rock) and escapes with Shounauwenkilau’s help.


blackshard blackshard

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