Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 18

Chapter 3

Dueling the Defiant Circle


Shonauwenkilau briefly explains Fate, and says he believes something dire is coming before another year passes. He agrees to guard the chest, but doesn’t know how much longer he will be in the mortal plane. He flies party to the entrance of Drakkenhyde Basin so they can leave, as he cannot leave the valley himself.

Party travels back to Ironridge. When almost there, they hear sounds in the direction of town, see Hill Giant tracks. At Ironridge, they notice a Hill Giant body being burned outside, but town is otherwise fine. The Defiant Circle is also there. Guards explain that a contingent of Hill Giants raided the mine, and stole Celestium, and escaped north.

Valen demands The Natural Ones stand aside, but settles on agreement to duel for the right to pursue the giants and a magic item from each person.

The Defiant Circle: Argus, Deena, Grosh, Kenso, Tyrask, and Valen.
The Natural Ones win, and collect their winnings.

  • Wyaming gets Bracers of Infinite Blades.
  • Faemeril gets Hero’s Armor.
  • Adrik gets Repulsion Leather Armor.
  • Dredgden gets Battering Warhammer.
  • Lorna get Rod of Churning Inferno.
  • Silwen gets Blackflock Robe and gives it to Lorna.
  • Navah takes Death’s Brink Armor and gives it to Dredgden.


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