Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 19

Into the Valley


The party follow tracks north, notice they diverge as one Giant seems to have fallen behind, injured. They locate Thok and ask him many questions. They follow the other path to see it goes into a valley with a tower up north.

They return to town to discuss their findings with the guards. An older guard named Rjolfan tells them about an old temple to Orcus that was once up the way they’re going. It’s been empty for 20 years. Party sends word to Erasmus by raven, decides to head out for temple again next morning.

Navah dreams again of her blue doe, which disappears in a small cluster of trees that grow and twist into an enormous figure with piercing green sparks for eyes. Says it does not trust the other Primordials, who serve the Elder Eye. Do not let them assemble the Ring of Apostos.

Next day, party travels again into the valley, sees a white dragon circling the far ahead. With some difficulty, the party makes it near the tower, but are ambushed by owlbears.

Battle 2
Two adult owlbears and cub


blackshard blackshard

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