Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 2

Bar Fight!

Party needs to go to the Swine and Stag bar to watch for a certain person who is suspected of being involved in plot to bomb airship. There is going to be a meeting. Party needs to see who he is meeting with – gather any info on meeting they can, but more importantly follow other person. Do not get caught, do not be noticed.

Don’t follow bomb expert. Rival party (Valen’s party The Defiant Circle) will worry about him. (They smirk).

“No magic please” above front door, weapons checked at front. Rather nondescript human with short brown hair comes in, sits with suspect. High perception check – his left eye is glossed over. High insight check – he is purposefully dressed nondescript. They talk for a while in whispers, cannot be heard.

Group of dwarves comes in, room falls silent. Human starts heckling. “Hey, you don’t belong in here.” “It’s their fault, you know.” “I bet this one set off the bomb.” Dwarf: “Blow it out yer ass, lowlander!” “Come on, now, just leave them alone!”

Fight breaks out, man attempts to use this opportunity to escape while bomb expert escapes other direction. We do not let either man escape. Bring both (Rufian and Zarfan Cantalever) back to keep. Neither man is kept there because have nothing to hold them on.

75 gold each


blackshard blackshard

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