Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 20

Black Tower, White Dragon

Summary 1

Having defeated the owlbears, the party takes a brief respite at the edge of a 300ft ring of dead earth surrounding The Black Tower. Navah hears the flapping of wings, and they spot the white dragon they saw earlier, flying in tight circles over the trees behind them, playfully stalking them. They walk under the dragon and speak with him.

The dragon (Cyratralyk) tells the party that he is here to guard this valley, where the hunting is good, in return for the giants guarding his lair while he is away. The party tries to negotiate getting in to the tower – the dragon instead suggests that the party leaves their gear, and he will let them leave the valley alive. The party decides to try to make a run from the treeline toward the tower, but Cyratralyk cuts them off.

Battle 1

Cyratralyk, adult white dragon.

Summary 2

After a protracted battle, the Natural Ones finally succeed. They use a Speak with Dead ritual to discover that inside the tower are roughly 12 Giants, several robed figures, and 2 large metal items. They also discover the location of the dragon’s lair. Deciding that this is too much for the party to handle, and figuring they will need reinforcements, they retreat to a cave near the other side of the valley.

Late in the afternoon, they notice that the clouds near the tower are spiraling, and suddenly an enormous orb of darkness, rimmed with red lightning, expands out of and swallows the Black Tower and surrounding cliffsides. After a few moments, the sphere of darkness shrinks down and fades away, with seemingly nothing changed. It was planar magic. Whatever they were doing, it worked.

The next day, they set out for the dragon’s lair. In all, the trip takes 4 or 5 largely uneventful days, passing by the hunting grounds of wargs, giant spider caves, and a shallow but wide ravine filled with trees. On the fourth day, they reach an empty encampment with spikes and skulls, and soon encounter the inhabitants as they pass through – Ice Trolls!

Battle 2

Ice Trolls and Frost Drake.


blackshard blackshard

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