Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 21

Lair and Back Again

Summary 1

The party has traveled to the north side of the Iron Mountains, only a day’s travel now from Cyratralyk’s lair. The snow is deep and the air thick with fog. When they get within about 100-200 ft of the lair, they suddenly hear voices ahead. Three voices are very deep, and another sounds Human or Elven, which Navah recognizes as the Silver-Eyed Stranger from T’kuarkhanhuarak’s lair. All are speaking Giant.

He says that the business at the tower has ended, and the dragon’s assistance is no longer needed. They may now leave this lair and are not to steal from it. This dragon was a useful ally in defending the tower and in the attack on Wintercrest. It may prove a useful ally in the future. A couple minutes later, the sound of heavy footfalls can be heard going north.

The party approaches carefully. There is a camp here with large mound of ashes, and around it are blood and antlers and various types of fur on the ground. Three sets of Giant footprints lead north. There are no signs of any Elf or Human – the Stranger must have been a projection again. The lair is nowhere to be seen… until the party looks up the icy cliffside.

Skill Challenge
Party ascends icy cliff – it is very difficult but they manage it.

Summary 2

The entire cave is coated in thick ice. Frozen corpses are in the walls of ice around the lair – mostly look like barbarian tribes in various states of dessication. Little white kobolds in the main chamber run and hide in little holes in the walls. As the party approaches the lair, several ghost float out of the walls and warn them to leave, but the party steps closer. At that moment, chunks of ice break off the walls, revealing themselves to be Ice Gargoyles.

Battle 1
2 Ice Gargoyles, lots of ghosts.

Dragon’s hoard:

  • 5,715sp, 30pp
  • A small white fur pouch (5sp) containing 68gp
  • An open chest (50gp) containing
  • 2 large sapphires worth 350 each
  • 9 tiny loose diamonds worth 50gp each
  • 6 dime-sized aquamarines worth 30gp each
  • A small silver box (10gp) containing 400gp of residuum
  • Silvered scale armor, electroplated (45gp)
  • Suit of silvered plate armor, electroplated (50gp)
  • A beautiful diamond silver necklace worth 550gp
  • A +2 frost rapier (PHB234, 3400gp)
  • Several finely crafted crystal cups and a dining set worth 200gp
  • A silver mirror worth 50gp
  • A small crystal orb implement worth 20gp

Summary 3

The travel back is fairly uneventful, although the growing cold begins to sap the party’s endurance. They manage to avoid combat with two huge Ettins in the wide ravine.

When party reaches Black Tower, they see front door is slightly ajar. Inside the tower, they find a hall lined with 20 corpses in plain black robes impaled on rods of cold iron. Their heads are all uncovered and fully shaved, and their scalps have a violet-brown spiral symbol with nine notches around them. One of the bodies is that of Zarfan Cantelever, the bomb expert from Wintercrest.

The party figures out through a combination of skills and rituals that the people were impaled alive for the purpose of creating a conduit to The Shadowfell as their souls traveled there. The Giants and cult members are now waiting in The Shadowfell for something called Ogremoch to come.

Following pipes from that location, in the middle of the tower there is what looks like a very rough copy of the Obsidian Obelisk under Wintercrest. Attached to the Obelisk, are dozens of pipes and metal bars, some of which are attached to an ancient stone planar portal. This was a makeshift substitute for the real Obelisk, and how they managed to go there.

The party travels back to Ironridge and tells the guards of what they found, recommending that the Black Tower be destroyed. The airship arrives the next day and the party flies back to Wintercrest. On the way, the ship is attacked by harpies.

Battle 2
Frost, Fire, and Wind harpies.

Summary 4

Upon reaching Wintercrest, Fiora meets the party at the dock. She has something urgent to tell them.


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