Erasmus, (Elder)

Patron of The Natural Ones, Elder of the Wintercrest Adventuring Guild


Erasmus Polonius Hyalmar III is a retired adventurer well into his 60’s. It is unclear what class he fought as. He is wise, speculative, dutiful, caring, yet commanding. Although he is in general a law-abiding and rules-focused person, he has a buried slightly anti-authoritative side left over from his youth, and occasionally send his adventurers out on missions in secret, not officially sanctioned by the city guard. He likes giving his adventurers an edge by not entirely divulging everything to either the City Guard or his fellow Elders.


Erasmus was involved in a number of adventures in his younger years, but doesn’t tend to talk about them much. It is clear that he was present when a small group of insane and highly disorganized Tharzidun worshipers attempted to attack the keep. He also has been involved in fighting Giants in the past at some point. One might get the impression there are some aspects of his past he isn’t proud of, but he is well-adjusted and secure in himself.

Erasmus, (Elder)

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