Lorna Starhaven

Half-elf Warlock of The Natural Ones


Half-Elf, one blue, one purple eye, bluish silver hair. Lived with father on The Petra in the Astral Sea.


Kyran, a Human, tall with short wavy hair that was one black is now graying, eyes as blue as the morning sky, is the captain of an astral ship he calls The Petra. He is somewhat of an arrogant man, who is used to getting what he wants. Spira was a beautiful elf. Her eyes were the deepest shade of purple anyone had ever seen and her hair, which shown like the stars in the sky, was silver. She was quiet but had a spunky personality and would not stand for taking people arrogance or bullshit.
p. Kyran and Spira met when he was docked in Wintercrest, her home city. He was taken at once by her, he had never seen someone so beautiful or

Lorna Starhaven

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