Shapeshifting dominant villain of Chapter 1


Rufian was a shapeshifter of unknown origin. He was seen to take many forms of various sizes, including human, dwarf and kobold, but the telling sign was always his deadened and scarred left eye, which seemed to remain unchanged. He was arrogant and determined to the end.


Rufian acted as an undercover agent in a plot against Wintercrest.

With the aid of several Dark One mercenaries from the Shadowfell, he plotted the three major Kobold clans under Wintercrest against each other, convincing each that he was giving them the advantage. In exchange for their services in providing chemical components for explosives and planting them in key places around town, he promised protection and additional weapons for the Kobold leaders to use against their enemies. Under his direction, the Dark Ones and kobolds also built a tunneling machine, which bored a hole under a factory directly toward the foundation of Wintercrest’s central tower.

When defeated by The Natural Ones, his body dissolved into Entropic Ooze, leaving only a solid white eye behind. Rufian’s Eye later revealed incoherent symbols reminiscent of The Far Realm.


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