Shonauwenkilau (sho now when KILL ow) is the ghost of the last of the Brass Dragons. He was clearly an Ancient Brass Dragon, by his size, and appears grizzled and old, with a thin beard and pale eyes, with stretched skin and flaky scales. His ghostly appearance is transparent and silvery, and is constantly flowing as if under water.


Shonauwenkilau fell with a great many dragons in a long ago war, when only the giants and the dragons lived upon the face of the world. He was mortally wounded in the act of slaying the ancient Red Dragon T’kuarkhanhuarak that laid had claim to the Iron Mountains.

It is said that so much dragon blood was shed that the very earth took it in and became one with the essence of the dragons. Thousands of years ago, a tribe of Goliaths moved to the Drakkenhyde Basin. Their descendants gradually have taken on the aspect of the dragons.


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