Lady T’kuarkhanhuarak (tik who are KHAN her ack) was a colossal Ancient Red Dragon who was one of the original possessors of the Fire Fragment. Her former lair lies in the Drakkenhyde Basin.


T’kuarkhanhuarak had amassed enormous treasures, but one treasure was her favorite. A great arc of cold iron, ancient long before even she had found it, inscribed with flamelike markings, which bestowed upon the dragon a fire more powerful than any seen upon the mortal world before or since. The power made her arrogant, and she grew bold. First by stealing a great deal of the Iron Mountains from the giants, then hunting them when she grew bored, until eventually she made a sport of killing other dragons. However, she made herself far too many enemies over her long years, and the normally solitary dragons united against her. The dragon war was so terrible, it soaked the land with their blood, the result of which was that generations of Goliaths who came to live in the valley gradually took on the appearance of the dragons.


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