Tarrack (Elder)


Tarrack is a well-scarred half-orc missing his left arm from the elbow down. The arm was destroyed by a necromancer and proved impossible to regenerate. He is nevertheless a fearsome fighter. He acts as one of the Elders of The Adventurers’ Guild in Wintercrest.

Although the magic and technology exists to create a mechanical prosthesis, Tarrack wears his injury as a badge of honor.


Tarrack person knows what it is to live without a true home. He is neither human nor orc, and welcomed by neither. He used to feel a constant need to prove himself to pure-blooded orcs, and sustained a great number of injuries in his reckless youth. Rejected by the people he fights for, strattled between two worlds, he lost a lot – but he learned to focus. He can still fight because he learns to channel his anger to push forward and ignore pain to keep his enemies constantly on the defensive.

Tarrack (Elder)

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