Leader of The Defiant Circle


Warlord human leader of The Defiant Circle. Favorite weapon is the greatsword, with which he is quite proficient. Typically wears chainmail. Valen is arrogant and commanding, and does not deal with defeat easily. Seems driven by resentment for The Natural Ones.


Valen has been present in The Adventurer’s Guild for as long as the Natural Ones have. The Defiant Circle, his party, was commissioned to pursue Zarfan Cantalever. Their investigation lead them into a trap, however, and they were ambushed by Rufian in Zarfan’s home while Rufian appeared as a Dwarf. Valen at the time believed that the recent influx of Dwarves from the economically-collapsed Hammerfall was to blame for crime spikes in the city, and chalked this up to a part of that apparent pattern. They lost their spellcaster in the battle.

Valen convinced Deena to leave her party and come to his, which effectively caused her old party to dissolve and left Adrik and Faemeril without a group to adventure with.

He and his party were delivered a humiliating defeat by The Natural Ones at Ironridge when Valen’s arrogance got the best of him and he agreed to duel them for the right to investigate The Black Tower. Valen’s father Arcturus, a member of Fiora’s same secret society, had sent him there on the mission.


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