The Fragments

Any one of the nine fragments of a gigantic ring of metal


Approximately 8ft long, 3ft tall, and 5ft deep. Made from some kind of metal. Roughly on the order of about 4000-8000 lbs. Smooth inner (bottom) side, hammered front, edges appear broken. Outer (top) side contains symbols related to its power.

There are nine total fragments that combine to form a single enormous ring of metal. Fiora presumes eight of them come in two varieties: elemental and planar.

Planar fragments:

  • The fragment under Wintercrest had a symbol for Life, (Feywild).
  • One of the fragments possessed by the giants is called Shadow (Shadowfell).
  • The kingdom to the south (Flamekeep) has Order in their possession (Mechanus).

Elemental fragments:

  • The fragment previously under Drakkenhyde Basin sought by Flamekeep has to do with Fire.
  • Fiora deduced that the other fragment possessed by the giants is called Stone.

The two kinds of fragments seem to work in pairs. Fire provides the elemental energy for Order, and Stone provides the elemental energy for Shadow. Combined with the Gates, according to Fiora, the fragments can be used to create permanent planar portals.

If Fiora is correct, the remaining fragments include ones for elements water and air, one for the mirror world Dream, and an unknown keystone of some kind.


The Fragments

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