Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 5

Investigating Rufian’s Escape Route

Krenlik tails party and give them an alchemical “weed killer” , and a bottle of Rust Monster Extract good for 4 uses. He says he was thinking about what Ancka told him – that the friend “appeared to him” as a Longtooth. If he’s not really a Longtooth, then what if he is really a Black Heel or Red Tail? Or what if he isn’t even a kobold? See Faerlon the Mapmaker, buy map of town, order custom map of sewer system avail in 2 days.

Investigate sewers under keep where Rufian escaped and look for clues as to how to track him down. We find an opening, Red Tail clan territory. slide down, and actually goes much deeper into some underground caverns. Above it is more draconic graffiti.

There is an older looking sewer system here, that clearly suffered a number of collapses down here and new, smaller channels dug. Reach what appears to be a dead end, but fissure in the wall approx 2 feet wide. Squeeze through and approach a locked door, Wyaming picks lock. Beyond it is a carved tunnel that extends as far as the light will reach in either direction. Every 80 feet a lantern is posted. Every 40 feet from each, a 10ft deep hollow is carved into the walls on either side. There are a couple locked gates between the keep and the outside, guarded by kobolds.

A patrol includes one stone elemental, two Vinehorror, a kobold slyblade and guard. we win, but take considerable damage. Tie kobolds up.

Session 4

The Longtooth Clan

Summary Part 1
Ding! Milestone! Party notices small sack floating along the edge of the water that smells vaguely musky and a trail of blood floating out of it (it’s like chum used to attract sharks). 2:30am.

Some areas have a thin orange or violet slime (noticed by Ancka), vaguely glowing on the surface of the water. The sound of water pumps can be heard echoing(Complex skills challenge to locate kobold lair). As they get close, they notice chunks of ice in the water, though the sounds of water pumps get louder. (4:00 am.)

Leads to curved opening near the cliff’s edge (opens to side of cliff). Breeze gently blows out of cave opening. Cage hangs from ceiling. Kobold with sunrod is seen talking with a couple guard kobolds and a scout, with mechanical fire beetles. All three are in front of large crack in a masonry wall – looks older than the sewers. The guards seem upset. Little one says the monster “will get them”, he lured it out and fled.

two guards, beetle, slyblade, ranged, minion. Kill all but 2, Krenlik being one of them.

Rewards part 1
Dredgden – Bashing Shield, Amulet of Protection which went in bag of holding

Summary Part 2
question Krenlik, from Long Tooth Clan, knows about Rufian who Krenlik thinks is also part of the LTC, tell him that Rufian is a shapeshifter, but he does not understand at first. Krenlik tells party that Priest (can curse) is head of clan. He leads party to where they can find the Priest. As party walks, see partially unburied statue down hallway that looks like Giant, hallway opens up to large room with stone arches, room has cubby holes filled with skeletons, human like statue in room, Krenlik points party down hall where priest will be. Room of Priest has altar where he speaks to spirits, room is to the west under the city. Priest is guarded by Dark Ones and kobold guards, threatens party, party leaves.

Party visits the keep’s dungeon, asks about Rufian. He’s not talking. Guards bring us to cell – cell is empty! find loose floor plate with tunnel (goes to sewer. Leave and head to Erasmus Polonius Hyalmar III tell him everything that has happened. Tells us about the Dark Ones (from Shadow Plane The Planes) He however cannot give us any info on Zarfan Cantalever and cannot approve us going after him

Session 3

Follow that Kobold!

Summary Part 1
Escorted back to Adventurers Guild after bring Rufian and Zarfan Cantalever to keep.
Navah notices we are being watched by someone or something
Party has had an extended rest. Kobold spies stealth in and attack party in their sleep. They come up through floorboards.

Fight 1
Fight Kobolds that are attacking party
Fight location 1:
divided up by sleeping arrangements.

Wyaming – Catstep Boots p246. Thieves tools, Lorna – Burglar’s Gloves p247

Summary Part 2
Hole downstairs is behind shelves in kitchen. Underneath a grate, tiny tunnel drops into darkness. Running water can be heard below. Low streetwise indicates it connects to sewer system. Go down into sewers, Monster lives in sewer system.

Fight 2
Carrion Crawler
Fight location 2:
Monster on one side, party on other, difficult terrain water in middle, platform on other side

Summary Part 3
Kill monster and make it across to platform on other side, find a hole with skeletons, pieces of leather and armor

Rewards from Hole
30 Gold (5 to each player), Bag of Holding pg253 which is in Zara’s possession

Session 2

Bar Fight!

Party needs to go to the Swine and Stag bar to watch for a certain person who is suspected of being involved in plot to bomb airship. There is going to be a meeting. Party needs to see who he is meeting with – gather any info on meeting they can, but more importantly follow other person. Do not get caught, do not be noticed.

Don’t follow bomb expert. Rival party (Valen’s party The Defiant Circle) will worry about him. (They smirk).

“No magic please” above front door, weapons checked at front. Rather nondescript human with short brown hair comes in, sits with suspect. High perception check – his left eye is glossed over. High insight check – he is purposefully dressed nondescript. They talk for a while in whispers, cannot be heard.

Group of dwarves comes in, room falls silent. Human starts heckling. “Hey, you don’t belong in here.” “It’s their fault, you know.” “I bet this one set off the bomb.” Dwarf: “Blow it out yer ass, lowlander!” “Come on, now, just leave them alone!”

Fight breaks out, man attempts to use this opportunity to escape while bomb expert escapes other direction. We do not let either man escape. Bring both (Rufian and Zarfan Cantalever) back to keep. Neither man is kept there because have nothing to hold them on.

75 gold each

Session 1

Chapter 1

The Broken Caravan

In Wintercrest at Adventurers Guild
Zara (Katie) – Kalashtar, Bard
Wyaming (Matteo) – Half Elf, Monk
Ancka (Jenny) – Half Orc, Seeker
Dredgden (Matt) – Goliath, Fighter
Navah (Nance)- Deva, Shaman
Lorna (Angela) – Half Elf, Warlock
Formed together because Erasmus has commissioned us to work together on the same quest.

Last month there have been an increase of attacks on roads and increase in Dwarves migrating from the east (Hammerfall). players are to investigate shipment of textiles that didn’t make it.

Find wreckage – turned over wagon, entire side missing, splinters everywhere, axel torn off, smell of a horse carcass. (looks like made by a hill giant and a handful of ogres also lots of human tracks), hear something in trees (battle with goblins picking over corpses), discover injured person who appears very ill, (skills challenge to chase down if they figure out he is bad guy) taken back to castle, they apprehend him, he is an escaped criminal who was wanted for sharing secrets about the state, being led to dungeon but explodes before gets there because he is carrying a bomb inside of him

50 gold each


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