Tag: elder


  • Erasmus, (Elder)

    Erasmus was involved in a number of adventures in his younger years, but doesn't tend to talk about them much. It is clear that he was present when a small group of insane and highly disorganized [[Tharzidun | Tharzidun]] worshipers attempted to attack …

  • Garyn, (Elder)

    Garyn is an expert in arcane magic and history at the [[Adventurer's Guild | Adventurer's Guild]]. He is usually available during the night, due to Elves needing only meditation and no sleep, but he is known to wander the city on occasion.

  • Tarrack (Elder)

    Tarrack person knows what it is to live without a true home. He is neither human nor orc, and welcomed by neither. He used to feel a constant need to prove himself to pure-blooded orcs, and sustained a great number of injuries in his reckless youth. …