Far Realm Parasites

Far Realm Parasites have been implicated in several instances of mind-control. The parasites enter the ear canal and attack themselves to the victim’s brain, and from there seem to control the actions of the victim. Confirmed victims are:

  • At least one bomb-carrying Kobold in Wintercrest.
  • A Behir sent to attack the party.

Parasite victims are seen to develop a spiral-shaped mark atop their head that closely resembles the symbol of Tharzidun, the Chained God. Deceased found with the spiral but no remaining parasites present include:

The presence of the Woman With the Eye of Black in the memories of those victims suggests the involvement of the “Black Swan Society”.

Eight mature parasites and scores of immature larval parasites (inside an undead host) were discovered inside the lair of the lich named The Last King of Daggerloom. The immature larval parasites were incubating inside an undead humanoid host, into which a yellow-orange fluid from the body of two Aboleths, known Far Realm creatures with mind-control abilities, was flowing. The connection between the lich and the “Black Swan Society” remains unknown.

Far Realm Parasites

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