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Campaign Locations

The North: (world map)

Wintercrest: (map)
Wintercrest is located on the Northeast coast of the main continent, and is where the campaign started.

Ironridge is the primary supplier of Celestium to Wintercrest. Hundreds of years ago, it was a peat mining town, which refined peat into iron. It was only rebuilt in the last 4-5 years after the discovery of Celestium.

Drakkenhyde Basin: (page)
An unusually warm valley, deeply isolated where the Iron Mountains meet the Dragon’s Tail mountain range.

The Black Tower: (page)
Located in a valley in the Iron Mountains north of Ironridge, it was the former site of a cult of Orcus. More recently, it was by the strange cult used to open a portal to the Shadowfell.

Located at the north exit of an enormous mountain-rimmed desert, Flamekeep is the capital of a small empire of the same name. It is the largest known exporter of Celestium in the world, owns and operates the lightning-rail system, and has a sizable standing army.

Sea of Whispers:
A large inland sea somewhat centrally located in the main continent.

The Planes:

The Planes: (page)
Different levels or dimensions of existence. The Planes include:

  • Materia (The Natural World)
  • The Mirror Worlds, Shadowfell, Feywild, Mechanus, and Dream World
  • The Astral Sea (The Plane Above), and its pinnacle, Celestia
  • The Elemental Chaos (The Plane Below), and its base, The Abyss
  • The Far Realm, which lies beyond or outside all things

Important Organizations

The Adventurer’s Guild
The Natural Ones
The Defiant Circle
The Skycallers
The Black Swan Society


The Dawn War
Giant Attack on Wintercrest
The Incident at the Black Tower

Important Races/Types of Beings

The Gods
The Primordials
Dark Ones
Kobold Clans
Far Realm Parasites



  • Rufian referred to the party as “slaves of fate”. link
  • A Wintercrest fortune-teller seemed convinced that great destinies lay ahead for the party, and seemed to predict correctly that Dredgden would return to his people. link
  • Fiora seems to be able to predict events by studying the stars.
  • Shonauwenkilau in the Drakkenhyde Basin described Fate as being the big picture that cannot change, but the details can. He likened it to a river, where we are all swept downstream, but we can swim where we choose. Some events are like whirlpools or eddies that sweep people into them.
  • Woman with the Eye of Black said “once fate has ended, the future will be ours.”


  • All of the members of The Natural Ones have experienced fateful dreams.
  • The last thing Yelena heard before she died was the voice of Zara telling her it was time to wake up. link
  • A plant creature that spoke to Navah in a dream implied that it was a Primordial by stating that the other Primordials serve the Elder Elemental Eye

Eyes and Vision:

  • Rufian’s left eye was artificial, and the only consistent feature of his many forms.
  • The Silver-Eyed Stranger’s left eye was also artifical, and has something to do with him being a “seer”. link
  • A woman was now seen who also features an artificial eye, this one completely black.
  • Many items like Robe of Eyes, Orc’s Eye Amulet, have featured eyes.
  • The Undertaker in Dredgden’s home village was blind, but told Dredgden he could see him. link
  • Something mentioned in Navah’s dream was called the Elder Elemental Eye

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