aka “The Chained God”

According to legend, at the end of the The Dawn War, Tharzidun was imprisoned by the Gods for creating a shard of pure evil within the Elemental Chaos, which created the Abyss. Erasmus describes him as “essentially powerless” since his imprisonment.

Followers have not been seen around Wintercrest for 40 years. They are very disorganized and rarely do any large groups manage to form, although individuals might be dangerous as they tend to be extremely fanatical. Erasmus participated in capturing the last group to be seen in Wintercrest. The followers were erratic in behavior, very few in number, attempted to attack keep.

A Red Tail Kobold guard was found by The Natural Ones with a symbol on his head that resembled Tharzidun’s symbol, except for nine equidistant dots around the outside.


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