The Dawn War

Means of existence by synax444

Before the the planes existed in their separate forms, The Primordials and their descendants, the Gods, fought a war over the shape of things to come. The Primordials favored chaos and constant change. The Gods favored order and solidity. The Gods won this conflict, sealing away the Primordials in the Elemental Chaos. The Gods remained in the Astral Sea, and formed the Natural World and its four mirrors. The Astral Sea remains visible from The Natural World in the sky above.

Key Events

Death of Apostos
The falling of Apostos was the decisive moment in the Dawn War when the Gods gained the upper hand. It remains unknown why this victory marks the turning point, strategically speaking, but it is broadly agreed to be the reason the Gods formed the world as it exists today.

Betrayal of Tharzidun
After the end of The Dawn War, Tharzidun placed a shard of pure evil in The Elemental Chaos and created The Abyss. This threatened the tentative peace that had just been created, and so the Gods punished this action by imprisoning Tharzidun forever in a pocket dimension apart from the rest of reality.

The Dawn War

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