Unresolved Mysteries

Feel free to add to this list of mysteries!


  • Why do the Giants want them?
  • Where are the remaining fragments?
  • What will happen if they are all collected?

Rufian, Silver-Eyed Stranger, Woman with the Eye of Black

  • What connection do they have?
  • Why do they all have a false left eye?
  • What kind of shapeshifter was Rufian, exactly?
  • Why did he dissolve into Entropic Ooze when slain?
  • What is Rufian’s connection to the Far Realm as suggested by his eye?
  • What exactly do they mean by attempting to “change” or “end” fate?

Other Planes

  • Are the Dark Ones or other Shadowfell natives still involved?
  • Why did the people at The Black Tower go to the Shadowfell?
  • Who or what is Ogremoch – that which is to come to the Shadowfell?
  • What do the evidences from the Far Realm, Abyss, ( Tharzidun), Shadowfell, and Elemental Chaos have to do with each other, if anything?


  • Why did his symbol appear on a victim of Far Realm parasites? ( Session 6)
  • Why did his symbol appear on the sacrificial victims at The Black Tower?
  • Do the nine dots around his symbol have something to do with the nine ring fragments?
  • Are the cultists discovered so far followers of his, and if so, why aren’t they the usual nutcases?

Winter Festival

  • Was there any significance to the Giant attack being during this event?


  • Why is the tower so often a target of attack?
  • Wintercrest has a dragon!?


  • What’s with the mining area that looks like a hand?

Obsidian Obelisk

  • Why is it defended by gargoyles?
  • What was the fragment doing here?
  • Why do the floor tiles seem to be drawn to it?
  • What is its function?
  • Why is it under Wintercrest?

Unresolved Mysteries

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