What's Known So Far...

Fragments of an enormous ring are sought by Giants

Several ‘fragments’ are known of:

  1. A caravan outside Wintercrest was attacked by giants, and a fragment inside (“Shadow”) was stolen. link
  2. Giants also possess another fragment (“Stone”). These two fragments appear to have been present at The Black Tower.
  3. Another fragment (“Life”) was under the tower in Wintercrest. It now remains in secure storage in a vault in the Wintercrest bank. It is connected to the Feywild.
  4. A fragment (“Order”) is in the possession of a southern kingdom, Flamekeep, that is allied with Fire Giants.
  5. A fragment (“Fire”) currently under the protection of Shonauwenkilau in the Drakkenhyde Basin.
  6. - 9. Remaining fragments are possibly related to remaining elements Water and Air, and remaining mirror world Dream. Final fragment is unknown, but speculated to be the keystone.

The fragments are related to each other and the Obelisks:

  • Shadow-Stone are a pair, and together can open a portal to the Shadowfell when used in conjunction with the Gate of Stone.
  • The Fire Fragment is being sought by Flamekeep to complete the pair (Order-Fire) and create a permanent portal to Mechanus. Their city is situated over the Gate of Fire.
  • Presumably, there is a Gate of Air and a Gate of Water somewhere related to some combination of the missing fragments.

Who’s Been Involved?

Escaped Prisoner:
Dead. Had bomb inside his own body, attempted to bomb the tower.

Dead. Connections to The Far Realmeye and parasites. Parasites also made a symbol similar to Tharzidun‘s appear the on the victim’s head. Connection to Giants, if any, unknown. Described by Silver-Eyed Stranger as an “infiltrator”.

Silver-Eyed Stranger:
A projection of him was found in the dead Red Dragon T’khuarkhanharak‘s abandoned lair, and was heard speaking with giants outside the White Dragon’s Lair. Described his role in his society as a seer, tapped silver eye.

Woman with Black Left Eye:
Seen inside the Black Tower, performing a ritual on several people who were being sacrificed.

Dark Ones:
Hired by Rufian from the Shadowfell. Renegade group dedicated to ousting the resident goddess The Raven Queen.

Bribed, brainwashed, and tricked by Rufian into helping.

Have been involved in multiple attacks on the people in the North. Some giants were heard speaking with the Silver-Eyed Stranger.

The Skycallers
Fiora is a member. Valen’s father Arcturus is a member. An unknown member has possibly betrayed Fiora.

Eye-less Villain Group
Several villains have artificial eyes. They seem to be working together. This group has been dubbed the “Black Swan Society” by The Natural Ones.

Another possible group…?
A wizard who accompanied two ogres during the attack on Wintercrest had symbols that indicated a cult of Primordial-worshippers.

What's Known So Far...

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