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A group of adventurers hailing from Wintercrest and calling themselves The Natural Ones have uncovered a plot by Giants and a mysterious cult-like group to collect all nine fragments of an ancient and powerful artifact. These villains aim to somehow change Fate itself. The adventurers’ rivals, The Defiant Circle, seek to thwart The Natural Ones and carry out their own agenda, whatever that may be.

See also:
What’s Known So Far Outlines the major plot points and themes
Unresolved Mysteries Outlines the major remaining mysteries

Detailed Information

The Wiki contains links to all the locations, events, organizations, and races of the Wintercrest campaign.
The Adventure Log chronicles all the adventures.

A note from the DM

Feel free to post any suggestions as comments. I understand this site may be a bit complicated at first, but it is as much for your benefit as players as it is for me in organizing and keeping track of names and places. Please let me know what I can do to make this site more useful to you.

Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

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