Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 10

Rufian’s Demise

Rufian, two Dark One Hex Knights and two Shadow Speakers. Party wins. Rufian becomes puddle of gray goo, eye falls out and has runes on it.

Orsik and Andersen help party out of the tunnel. Party notifies guards about hole in the factory wall and return to guild.

Erasmus wants party to meet Wintercrest City Council to formally congratulate and reward them. Erasmus leads party to royal hall. In front of them are 9 people in robes (4 women, 5 men: 4 humans, 3 half elves, an Eladrin, and a Goliath). They congratulate party, award armor, and ask by what name they be called. The party decides on “The Natural Ones”.

Everyone received magic armor


blackshard blackshard

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