Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 11

The Winter Festival

Party returns to Adventurer’s Guild, where many adventurers from out of town have returned for tomorrow’s festival. That night, everyone has a bittersweet dream related to their past.

  • Dredgden runs and plays with a young Goliath friend from a different tribe
  • Lorna remembers her mother showing her the stars from the deck of her father’s ship
  • Yelena runs with Zara through a forest of crystal trees, then they take off and fly together
  • Wyaming’s old master scolds him for running in the halls and takes him to practice jumping
  • Navah sees a ghostly deer spirit that leads her to a waterfall

The next day, the Winter Festival is announced as the passing of the season of Sehanine and the coming season of The Raven Queen. The party enjoys various games and contests. They visit a fortune-teller who interprets their dreams.

  • Dredgden will revisit his people.
  • Lorna’s mother is alive but not in the way she might expect.
  • Great things await the party – they needn’t seek out danger, for it will come to them.

Players receive cards for winning contests that give them bonuses for future battles.


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