Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 12

Chapter 2

Giants Attack!!

Summary 1
Yelena and Wyaming away at other areas of the Winter Festival, Lorna is seated by herself, counting winnings. Adrik and Faemeril, both adventurers from the Guild seated nearby, Dirk says hi. Small explosion across town. Dirk leaves to join a couple guards headed that way, party begins to follow. Silwen approaches Dredgden, having seen him in a vision, and says that she is meant to follow him.

Scouts on horseback blowing horns headed toward keep, giants are coming! Announcement: guards to north gate, adventurers scout city. Valen and The Defiant Circle look at pocket watch and toward where sun would be and leave together. City mobilizes, mechanical sentries take to the sky, dragon and griffons come from Arcane District. Wyaming drops from roof, says 15-20 foot tall giants trying to breach front wall.

Silwen hears voices down alleyway. Ogres and humanoid leader. Party (including new members Adrik and Faemeril) gets the drop on them.

Two Ogres, a wizard, and four conjured fire elementals.

Summary 2
Yelena comes running down street, screams giant in city. Hill giant steps out, kills her with one swing. Skills challenge, party successfully flees giant. Return to Yelena’s body – she is dead. Bring body back to Guild, which is flooded with adventurers and elders handing out assignments. Dead wizard helping Ogres and Giants had symbol showing allegiance to Primordials.


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