Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 6

Interrogations and Battle Training

Summary 1
Bring kobolds back with us to Adventurer’s Guild. One is Tikwik (sleeping door guard) and other has symbol on head (spiral with 9 equal spaced dots). On creatures: heavy shielded metal container (saltpeter, charcoal, sulfur). Swirl-headed kobold appears unresponsive. Find out from Erasmus that the symbol is that of Tharzidun (The Chained God). Zara is disturbed by the mark. She recognizes it.

Tikwik explains they got bomb materials from a spy who works for their leader. Tikwik describes the spy as a Red Tail Kobold, but with only one eye. Party drops Tikwik off at north end of town.

Preservation Shield, 2 healing potions, medallion with rabbits, 120 GP, Belt of Vigor (Dredgden), rabbits foot

Summary 2
Winter weather more apparent now, heavy wind, airship brings in cargo that appears to include fire elementals in cages. Tents being built. Festival is in 3 days. Zara left party unexpectedly and disappeared, leaves note. Yelena, joins the party and offers to help. Long time friend of Zara’s, who is her spiritual guide. Guild healer says swirl-headed kobold had parasite from The Far Realm inside brain.

Erasmus has a Dwarven healer take party to small junk yard to practice battle against several machines that represent different types of monsters.

Automaton Brute, Automaton Soldier, Automaton Controller, Automaton Skirmisher, Automaton Artillery, Automaton Lurker.

Wooden totem (Navah), +1 Lightning Crossbow (Ancka), Rod of Reaving (Lorna), Ki Focus (Wyaming), Staggering Hammer (Dredgden), Magic Missile Wand (Yelena)


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