Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 7

Longtooth Corruption Uncovered!

Erasmus explains other parties are being sent to investigate Red Tail kobolds. Offers 3 options:

  1. Assist parties with Red Tail Clan.
  2. Continue investigation of Longtooth Clan.
  3. Investigate sabotage at Power Plant.

Summary 1
Valen busts in, complains a one-eyed Dwarf ambushed his party while they were investigating Zarfan‘s house, believes there is a conspiracy. Zarfan’s house has been empty, kidnapping was suspected. One of his party is now dead. Valen angrily blows off Lorna’s questions.

Party investigates Zarfan’s house, door still unlocked. Talk to neighbors, who describe fight, mention one-eyed Dwarf. Seen him before – he was invited into Zarfan’s 3 or 4 days ago. Zarfan knows Rufian is a shapeshifter. Zarfan’s house looks purposefully ransacked – not a kidnapping. Party finds list of ingredient for explosives, note indicates liquid ingredient is made in Longtooth territory.

Party revisits Longtooth territory – dark and empty. Priest‘s room has locked door. Wyaming picks lock, party hears Kobolds scurry away on other side. Approach large dark chamber, honeycombed with tiny exits, offer gold to Leader, not here but leave gold in middle of chamber for good will. Dozens of Kobolds in hallways, one stands defiantly in room. Dark Gnome “xivort” comes out, party attempts to barter. Xivort demands Dredgden’s hammer and Navah’s totem. Kobold guards come out, armed. Party is trapped. Leader step out as fight starts.

2 Kobold Skirmishers, “Leader”, Kobold Minions (4), Xivort Net Caster, Dark One Hex Knight, Kobold Guard. Party wins.

Hex Knight had +1 Short Sword, chain armor. Leader had Amulet of Elegy, staff, small gold key.


blackshard blackshard

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