Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 8

Chemicals and Machine Parts

Summary 1
After the defeat of their Leader, many smaller Kobolds take to throwing stones at the party while kobold guards attempt to hold them back. Party makes its way to room guarded by two armed kobolds, who stand aside. Party unlocks door with Leader’s gold key and find the kobold Alchemist and a Dark One arguing. Chemicals all over the place, very dangerous, including some vials of Elemental Residue. Vial knocked off shelf breaks and eats pits into floor. Kobold angry and wants to fight, but Dark One allows party to take whatever they want.

Party collects scraps of evidence, chemicals, including a warm reddish clay, bring all back to The Adventurer’s Guild. Guild filled with hurt parties from ambush in Red Tail territory. They have been setting traps, collapsing tunnels to prevent people getting to bombs. City Guard is taking over as matter of security.

Papers given to Erasmus. Orders indicate 20 bombs made. Clay is Pyrosytheum – a powerful amplifying agent from the Elemental Chaos. Guild Alchemy Master can use it to reverse-engineer an airborne agent that will render all bombs with this substance inert.

More written evidence says “second fragment recovered,” apparently from the textile shipment in Session 1.

Party goes to investigate ongoing sabotage at power plant.

Summary 2
Power plant has line of Dwarves out front. Orsik is in line, explains that Foreman Andersen believes that the Dwarves are involved in the repeated theft of machine parts. Eyewitness named Marcus saw. Andersen takes party through factory to show where parts taken from, find Marcus. Chambers made of Celestium hold fire elementals that are used to power factory.

Marcus heard metal unscrewing, late shift, saw Dwarf leading two or three others, who ran into shadows. Dwarf has funny scar on eye. Andersen has never seen anyone matching description, leads party to back room where thefts happened. Small panel on floor has no screws – covers tunnel into ground. Party sets several net traps and camps until late night, when several kobolds and a mechanical spider invade room.

2 Kobold Slyblades, Dark One Hex Knight, Mechanical Spider, Dark One Shadow Speaker

Pouch of Platinum, Skull Bracers, Robe of Eyes, Orc’s Eye Amulet, Lens of Reading, 200 gold


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