Wintercrest: Fragments of Fate

Session 9

Stop the Tunneler!

Talk to Foreman Andersen tell him not dwarves but kobolds, tells us pieces of mechanical spider are from the piece missing in factory. Walk out side to discover it has snowed can hear metal guards walking the city. all is quiet for now.

Magistrate announces that the harvest festival is still going to happen. walk back to guild on the way there Yelena find a cat with wings (her familiar). Back at Adventurer’s Guild, Erasmus Polonius Hyalmar III informs us neutralizing agent almost complete, situation at north end under control, guards are keeping an eye out for Rufian, The Dark Ones and the Longtooth leader have been delivered to the guard. Thanks to the map uncovered, eight bombs have been located at power facilities around town, along with a half dozen under the walls. making almost all 20 uncovered.

Little information is learned from Leader or Dark Ones. Leader says Rufian, Dark Ones not trust worthy but useful. However, we learn from the Black Heel helping to build tunnel

head back and investigate tunnel under the factory

Machine in tunnel (ends up falling through hole in the wall into Huge Chamber), 2 Dark One Hex Knights, 2 Xivort Slashers, lots of minions win battle.

Go to leave,huge explosion can’t get out. Out of dust walks 5 people, led by Rufian: “I’m not here to talk to the slaves of Fate. I’m here to rewrite it. Time to die.”


blackshard blackshard

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