Artifacts Professor at the Wintercrest Arcane College


Eccentric, tenured professor of Artifacts and gifted practicioner of the theoretical art of Astroexegesis. Tends to be very secretive and skeptical, obsessed with magical items and their properties. Her decision to send Astanya into what turned out to be harm’s way reveals an irresponsible or perhaps cowardly personality beneath.


Fiora originally discovered the location of the Shadow Fragment deep in the Riddled Marches mountains, and commissioned a group to recover it and have it smuggled in secret to Wintercrest. Unfortunately, the caravan carrying it was attacked by giants before it could reach town, and the Fragment was stolen. Fiora believes this is because someone in her organization betrayed her.

She later predicted the Giant Attack on Wintercrest, and helped ensure that a dragon ally would be present for the attack, knowing full well she could do nothing to prevent it. After the attack, she sent Astanya under the city to investigate what the Giants were looking for. Astanya discovered another Fragment (“Life”), and an Obelisk called the Gate of Stone.

When The Natural Ones happened across this and saved Astanya’s life, they came looking for Fiora, who was extremely uncomfortable admitting to her part in this whole situation. She agreed that the Life Fragment would be stored in the Wintercrest Bank inside her specially-designed large-capacity bag of holding, and both the party and she would each hold one of the two keys needed to open it. She also divulged the location of another Fragment she knew of and asked for the party’s help in retrieving it ( Session 15).

When the party returned (Session 21), she was waiting for them and seemed to have something urgent to tell them.


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